Plan Your Playoff Attire With Our Team Forecast


Plan Your Playoff Attire With Our Team Forecast

The playoffs start in two short weeks and the race for the wildcard has been an interesting journey. As the leaders try to cement their position as division champions and capture the all-important wildcard bye, the teams are fighting for the last spots in the playoff run. The post season for baseball spans the entire month of October and we wish we could predict which two teams will be in the World Series. Our playoff predictions will help you decide if it’s time to hang up your favorite MLB gear in favor of supporting your NFL and NHL teams this winter, or if you can still accessorize with your favorite team’s apparel.

National League

The Pirates, Cubs, and Cardinals are all set for playoff glory starting next week. The Cubs are looking forward to facing the (insert Pirates or Cardinals) in the Wildcard game, while the (insert other team) are preparing to take on the winner of the Wildcard game. We know you want to stay fashionable and warm throughout October while cheering on your favorite team. This is easy with all of Little Earth’s great MLB accessories.

If you are staying inside to watch the Cubs take on the (insert team name here), carry all of your belongings in one of our hoodie purses displaying your team’s logo. If you are stuck in the kitchen cooking for your friends, you can still show your team pride with one of our spirited team aprons.

Are you lucky enough to attend the first stretch of playoff games?  (Cardinals or Pirates) fans can breeze through security with our clear totes. You can also accessorize with one of our f , so no matter what the weather, your hair will look great!

American League

The American League has been close the entire season. Toronto, Kansas and Texas have clinched their division titles. The American League Wildcard game will be between the Yankees and the (insert team here). If your team is in the playoffs, we know you want to support them in the office and outside of work.

You can look great in the office setting with our quilted hobo purse or our per-fect bowler. These stylish purses will hold all of your work necessities while still supporting your playoff team! Outside of the office head out with friends to watch the game with our shell wristlet. This little purse keeps all of your necessities close to you, without having to haul a big purse around all night. It is perfect for a night out watching your team advance in the playoffs.

No matter who you root for, we hope that you have a great playoff run. Little Earth will be here to help you accessorize with every one of your favorite teams.


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