What You Should Wear to an NHL Game


With the regular NHL season fast approaching, dedicated hockey fans are bustling to find the perfect outfit to look cozy and comfortable, while still displaying team pride! If you’re lucky enough to score a pair of tickets to your favorite team’s game this season, it’s important to take into consideration the temperature inside the hockey stadium. The atmosphere during game time can vary, and what you wear to the arena will likely be impacted by how close you are to the action on the ice. Follow these tips to ensure a functional and spirited look on game day regardless of your position in the stands!


Ifscarf you’re sitting within the first 4 or 5 rows you’ll want to be sure to dress in layers to keep warm during the game. Make sure to wear warm layers and shoes as well as thick socks – a pair of leather boots and leg warmers will keep you looking stylish. Make yourself even cozier by adding a scarf, such as our Pashi Fan Scarves which come embellished with your favorite team’s logo – you’ll be warm and spirited!





If clearyou’re sitting further from the ice, you should expect it to be slightly warmer once you and the rest of the crowd start cheering. Though it won’t be nearly as warm as it would be at other indoor sporting events such as a basketball game, you won’t need as many layers as you would down near the rink. Your usual casual clothing items such as jeans and a long-sleeved shirt will likely be warm enough, but if you are worried about being cold, dress in layers that can easily be taken off or put on. Throw a blazer or cardigan in one of our arena-approved Clear Totes for a little extra warmth just in case.

Planning ahead is the best piece of advice for deciding on your game day hockey outfit. Knowing where in the arena you’ll be seated and how prone you are to getting cold will help you decide just how many layers you should bring to the game. Our line of NHL scarves, bags and other fun accessories will keep you looking stylish and comfortable all season, so you can focus less on trying to decide on the perfect outfit and more time on cheering for your favorite team.


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