A House Divided: Fashion Accessories For Any Rivalry


Does your home become a war zone during sporting events? A divided fan base at home can cause a lot of conflict during an important game. Instead of throwing a pillow at your sibling, consider the benefits of cheering for different teams: You can have better parties, more food and great fashion accessories. Little Earth is here for the divided home fans to make sure each one of you is outfitted with your team’s gear. We have gear for every member of your family throughout the entire season.


The Family With A Rivalry

Are you a Ravens v. Steelers, Packers v. Bears or Seahawks v. 49ers family? No matter what bitter rivalry your household participates in, you can still all have the same stylish gear. Did your daughter grab her perfect Steelers Hoodie Sling purse? You do not have to be jealous of her purchase. Order yourself a Ravens Hoodie Sling purse so you can support your team at every family outing.

Dueling Siblings and Colleges

The choice of college can be an important choice for your family. It can also cause a big rivalry between family members. Did your son go to Ohio State and your daughter go to Michigan? You do not need to pick favorites when it comes to rooting for your children’s teams. You can purchase our Charming Necklaces for both universities. This means you can support both kids at each college family day without making the other one jealous.

Different Interests and Different Sports

Maybe your family can’t decide on a team because you all cheer for different sports. Mom is a diehard baseball fan, but grandma cheers for her hockey team all year long. You can all have the same fashionable items, but for your own favorite sport. Each family member can carry all their necessities into the stadium or arena by purchasing their team’s wristlet purse. If your mom loves the Atlanta Braves, she can get the same wristlet as Grandma who loves the Chicago Blackhawks.

No matter what team or sport your family cheers for, Little Earth has the accessories for every fan. Support your team as you watch your families’ favorite teams compete for the ultimate victory. You can argue about a play or who scored a goal, but there will be no arguing about how great you look with your team’s accessories.

Stadium image courtesy of Bobak Ha’Eri

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