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Little Earth has come a long way since its founding. Starting out as a home-based business in 1993, young couple Rob Brandegee and Ava DeMarco set out to create unique, fashionable products that made people smile. Little Earth’s first fashion accessories were made from recycled materials like inner tubes, license plates and bottle caps.ava-rob

In 2006, when the company made custom purses for the Steelers’ Super Bowl run, the Rooneys introduced Little Earth to the NFL. Just a year later, Little Earth was awarded their NFL license and launched their Pro-FAN-ity brand, fashion accessories sports fans swear by.

Little Earth now makes fashionable sporting items for over 170 different teams including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and NCAA. So no matter what team you root for, Little Earth carries purses, scarves, ponchos and more for all your favorite teams, all of which can be purchased on Little Earth’s website.

Although the product line has changed since the early days of making license plate purses in the backyard, Little Earth is still making people smile with merchandise that is unique, well- designed and fun.

If you go to Heinz Field, you will see hundreds of thousands of fans waving their yellow Terrible Towels in the air, all produced by Little Earth. At 40ththe Steelers vs Bengals game this month, the winning design of the fan decided 40th Anniversary Terrible Towel contest was unveiled at Heinz Field.

Regardless of whether you cheer for Steelers football or Penguins hockey, Little Earth’s customers are part of a community – a community of fans – but at the same time, they are all unique individuals who want to express themselves in their own unique ways. They want products that are high-quality and stylish, but that also let them express their connection to the teams they love.

When you’re part of this community, you’re always part of something larger than yourself. No matter where on earth you may travel, when you see someone posing a picture with the Terrible Towel or wearing your team’s logo, you’re going to have an immediate connection with that person. You’re going to feel a little closer to home. And you’re going to smile. So purchase unique fashion accessories for your favorite teams from Little Earth and see what conversations you will start around the world.

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  1. Debbie Giordano March 26, 2016 @ 9:30 am

    I bought a NJ license plate purse and bottle cap belt with the old style seat belt buckle has to be 13 yrs ago! I still wear both and get tons of compliments every time!! Love them – Thank you!!

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