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Los Angeles Dodgers Team Jersey Tote

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It’s your beloved jersey reincarnated as a tote! Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing a boyish jersey out to the bar on gameday and that’s okay. With the Jersey Tote, you can dress it up on gameday and still have your favorite jersey with you.

The tote is made from authentic jersey fabric with your team colors. It also has the team color logo displayed nicely on the front of the tote, as well as some detail at the top. The interior is fully-lined and includes a zip pocket to keep your smaller items in place. Functional and fashionable, the Jersey Tote is a must-have accessory for any fan!

  • Dimensions 14” H / 15” W / 4” D
  • Official team colors and team logo
  • Fully-lined interior with zip pocket
  • 50” adjustable strap
  • Top zipper closure