Ava DeMarco and Rob Brandegee founded Little Earth Productions in 1993 with a simple goal: to create cool, well-designed products that made people smile. Although the product line has changed since then, Little Earth is still making people smile, with merchandise that is unique, well-designed and fun.

What started out as a home-based business - with the young couple making fashion accessories from recycled materials like inner tubes, license plates and bottle caps – is now a leading manufacturer of licensed fashion accessories and apparel for professional and college teams. Little Earth today has licenses more than 170 teams including all teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL and more than 70 colleges.

From the Pittsburgh Steelers’ iconic Terrible Towel, to purses, scarves, hair accessories and select apparel items emblazoned with team colors and logos – our products allow fans to bring team spirit to their everyday lives.

Our vision and values are the same today as when Rob and Ava were making purses in their backyard. Little Earth’s customers are part of a community – a community of fans – but at the same time, they are all unique individuals who want to express themselves in their own unique ways. They want products that are high-quality and stylish, but that also let them express their connection to the teams they love.

When you’re part of this community, you’re always part of something larger than yourself. No matter where on earth you may travel, when you see someone wearing your team’s logo, you’re going to have an immediate connection with that person. You’re going to feel a little closer to home. And you’re going to smile.

That’s what Little Earth is about. Sharing something with the world. Connecting with other people. Making the world feel a little smaller and a little better/